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My Little Girl and her Poorly Heart 💜

Another day sittting around while my little Rosie is getting lessons about hospital and helping her anxiety.

December 21st 2016, a day I will never forget. Rosie was referred to Cardiology at Alderhey Children’s hospital in Liverpool. A previous Doctor in outpatients had heard a slight murmur on her heart ❤️ .

Along we went to the cardiology appointment not expecting there to be any problem or issue, well after a long day of Rosie crying and forcefully not letting anyone near here they managed to get an echocardiogram done. The nurse called a Doctor in and then the Doctor sent my mum and Rosie Into a different room. I was told that my little girl had a Large ASD, in normal terms a hole in her heart ❤️.

This devastated me and also with the problems I have my bipolar, BPD and anxiety well I wondered how on earth 🌏 we could deal with this.

Alderhey have been amazing, they appointed Rosie a play specialist, Lorna, who is worth her weight in gold, and then some. She is helping building Rosie’s confidence and try to lessen her anxiety and fear that she will be hurt by nurses and doctors.

Rosie has had two operations so far and the problem couldn’t be fixed, so, we are awaiting her open heart surgery which will be in about three weeks from now. I am so scared, I’m scared of the long operation, I’m scared about my little girl being in intensive care. I’m scared how Rosie will be.

I know I have to deal with this but it seems so cruel that my precious little girl has to go through this after everything she dealt with last year when I got hospitalised and loosing our home and pets.

So here I am sat waiting for Rosie while she is having her Hospital Lessons.

Love Catherine xx


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